Mariam Anthony

A Guide to an Inherited IRA

How do you minimize taxes on an inherited IRA? What are the rules regarding an inherited IRA when the beneficiary is the sole surviving spouse? What are the options for non-spouse beneficiaries?

Best Asset Allocation Advice

The best asset allocation advice is diversification. Diversification is the key to holding a balanced portfolio and is the best protection against market downturns. A good investor modifies his portfolio over time and gradually makes it more conservative as he approaches his investment goal.

How to Buy Shares Online – Where to Go and How to Trade

It is easy to learn how to buy shares online and to set up an online trading account. The difficult part is choosing the right brokerage firm. Try these tips for choosing the right brokerage firm, buying and selling shares online and for getting the right price while buying and selling shares.

Pros of Investing in Shares and Stocks

What are the advantages of investing in shares? Anyone who has invested in the stock market would tell you that investments in stocks offer the highest rate of return over any other type of investment. Other pros of investing in shares are flexibility, volatility and earning a passive income.

What is a Tax Exempt Bond Fund?

What is a Tax Exempt Bond Fund? Why are tax exempt bond funds preferred by wealthy investors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in municipal bonds or munis?

About Indicators for a Stock Market Crash

Is it possible to predict a stock market crash? What are the indicators for a stock market crash? How do smart investors time their investments? Although it is not easy to predict a stock market crash, it is possible to identify the stock market indicators that signal when a crash may be coming.