How to Conduct Urine Test to Detect Alcohol

Urine test to detect alcohol through the detection of EtG is probably the best methods of confirming an alcohol intake by the accused. EtG being a direct metabolite of alcohol demonstrates better sensitivity and provides longer time span of detection than alcohol itself. Learn more.

Algae to Fuel Public Companies

Is algae the next big source of fuel for American public companies? Already many companies are investing in producing algae biodiesel fuels. Airlines and the U.S. military are also targeting large-scale production of oil from algal ponds to convert it into jet fuel.

How to Make a Model Windmill Electricity Generator

Natural wind is powerful and can be even destructive at times. However, we have long devised ways of taming this brute force to our benefit. With the easy availability of inexpensive electric motors today, making a model windmill electricity generator is just a matter of a few hour’s work.

Thin Film Solar Roof Panels

The stubborn, cumbersome, low efficiency traditional types of thick-film solar panels are today slowly being replaced by more promising thin film solar panels. What technology and components make them so impressive? Let’s find out!

Rice Plant Husks and Efficient Rice Husk Stoves

Rice plantations produce eight useful byproducts. Rice husks are extracted from rice grains and can be used as fuel for producing electricity or for use in stoves. Rice straw is cattle food and is used for making ropes and roofing. Rice husk ash is a high-value product with multiple uses.

Make Summer Grilling more Energy Efficient

Natural gas grilling is more energy efficient than using bottled propane gas or charcoal. Natural gas is also the most appropriate choice for the cleanest and most environmentally friendly way to barbecue, especially when compared to electricity and propane.