Summer Banks

Learn More About 508 Compliance Testing

Section 508 refers to the government mandate relating to the accessibility of a website by people with disabilities. In order to be considered section 508 compliant, the web designer will need to complete section 508 compliance testing.

Free Websites with Free Domain Names

When money is tight, there is nothing better than starting a free website with a free domain name. When checking out these free offers, make sure to read all the fine print and ensure the website is free. Free websites with free domain names are available for both personal and professional websites

Types of Risk Insurance

When it comes to life, there are many risks we are associated with every day. These risks are dangers that come as a part of life and often affect a person through no fault of their own – insert types of risk insurance.

Living in the Balanced Income Household

In a world where economics is on the forefront of everyone’s mind, there is a need to understand the term balanced budget. This term is not only used in the government setting, but also as a part of home personal finance and balanced income household planning.

Social Marketing Your Web Design Business

Social media is a vague term used to define a personal interaction with others. In business, this personal interaction is a new and exciting way to promote your business and your online presence to more people with less up front cost.

Dependent Status and Saving Money – W9

People often confuse their W9 dependents with their tax filing dependents at the end of the tax year. The dependents listed on your W9 form do not have to match the number you claim and the more people listed, the more money you will bring home.

Fantastico Script Library

When I started my first website, I had little to no knowledge of mySQL databases and website coding. More than a year later I found Fantastico and the rest is new website history.

Common Tax Return Mistakes

The IRS includes an intricate list of rules and regulations regarding the filing of an income tax return. With the majority of individual tax payers filing their income tax returns on their own, there are common tax return mistakes that can be avoided along the way.

Does Global Warming Effect Climate?

The earth is growing warmer due to trapped heat in the upper atmosphere. This is called the greenhouse effect. While many people think the greenhouse effect is a bad thing, without it the earth would remain cold 365 days a year. Is global warming effecting the climate for the negative or the positive

Choosing a Website Name

Creating a web presence used to be for big business only. Today, many people are choosing websites as a means of self promotion, personal interaction and home business branding. When there is no IT team standing by to answer your every question, how will you know the best name for your new website?

Why Can The IRS Keep Your Refund

There is nothing worse than filing your taxes and expecting a sizable tax refund only to receive a letter that the government has seized the money. There are real reasons why the IRS can keep your money and you should know every one of them.

Habitat Loss in Nature

The habitat of a plant, animal or human is loosely defined as the area in which they survive. When one or more parts of this area is destroyed, the habitat is lost and the living organism is left to find a new home.