Steve Mallard

Windows Deployment Services

Windows Deployment Services is Microsoft’s revised version of Remote Installation Services or RIS. This add-on application allows for the deployment of Windows Operating Systems. This deployment service application is designed for all operating systems including Microsoft’s Windows Vista and 7.

How to Encrypt a USB Flash Drive

Encryption plays a major role in the security of any organization. One of the biggest nightmares IT personnel face is the use of flash drives. These thumbdrives (flash drives) are often lost with personal and confidential information.

The challenge of teaching security

The complexity of Information Technology (sometimes called Information Systems) isn’t merely working with software or hardware. The true understanding of Information Technology relies on the instructor creating a diverse curriculum with true hands-on..

DoD Contractors to be 8570.1 Compliance by 2010

What is 8570.1 Compliance? 8570.1 provides guidance and procedures for the training, certification, and management of the Department of Defense contractors and workforce who work in Information Assurance and Information Technology. This line of security is important for contractors of the DoD.