Steve Mallard

Gbridge – An Alternate to your VPN

Need an alternate way to connect to a desktop or workstation securely? Gbridge offers a secure way to connect to a computer and backup, synchronize, chat or use the computer remotely. This freeware is great software that can be used to make these connections secure and productive.

Windows Server 2003 – VPN RAS Server

Windows Server 2003 is the ideal server for setting up a Remote Access Service for your internet or intranet. Businesses commonly overlook virtual private networks (VPNs) but they are a great way to provide encryption when transferring files and communic

Virtual Private Networks in Business Environments

Need to ensure your data is transmitted securely? Virtual Private Networks ensure your business transmits data securely. In this series, we examine how to setup VPNs on Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional, Macintosh and Linux. Learn how to set these VPNs up with step by step

Microsoft ELearning

Want to take free Microsoft classes? Microsoft’s ELearning online has dozens of classes for IT Professionals that are free. Although many of the programs are paid subscription modules; there are many courses that are free. Microsoft offers five levels of Security Guidance that are very thorough.

Managing Security During an Economic Crisis

How do you manage your IT department’s security budget during an economic crisis? What should you do to cut corners without cutting security or personnel? This article goes in depth on how to manage security while managing money in your organization.

Hardening Microsoft Exchange 2007

Default settings in Exchange Server 2007 are that no unencrypted sessions are allowed. This server uses its own self signed certificate (This certificate should be replaced with a trusted certificate from a Certificate Authority) to secure individual messages that are in transit.

Automating Updates for Third Party Applications

One of the most intensive tasks for security and information technology specialist is keeping non Microsoft applications up to date. With customized applications, add-ons such as Flash, Java and other applications become a logistical nightmare for some IT Managers.