Steve Mallard

Tips on Protecting Your SQL Database with Security Roles

Is your Microsoft SQL Server truly secure? With SQL Analysis services, individual roles should be defined for each user who has access to the database. These roles define what the individual user can and cannot do. Roles are bound to the individual users and should be taken into consideration.

How to Install Windows 7 on Virtual PC vs. VirtualBox

Need to load an operating system and test it? Home users and businesses can load an operating system within an operating system by using Microsoft’s Virtual PC or Sun’s VirtualBox. With both offering dozens of features, this article explores the use and advantages of each application.

Use Free Email Certificates to Protect Your Email

Want to ensure your email is secure? Most modern email clients and many instant messenger programs have the capability to guarantee communication is private. With the ability to add digital signatures which keeps the email or conversation private these programs have built in tools to do just that.

Creating an Account Lockout Policy in XP or Vista

Lockout policies prevent unauthorized use of computers and locks out users when users enter the wrong password after a set number of times. Thresholds can be set so that users can try after a period of time. If a user is locked out, the administrator can login and unlock the users.

Nmap: Performing Penetration Tests with UMIT

Nmap is an excellent program that should be used to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a network environment. The importance of checking for weaknesses cannot be stressed enough. Nmap is one of many penetration testing tools you can use to help secure your network. Umit is a great addition.

Renaming the Administrator Account

Can you add extra security by renaming the administrator account? This controversial topic will continue as operating systems evolve. Adding this extra step in security policies may not be a bad idea for key computers in an organization. IT personnel need these extra precautions to harden nodes.

Microsoft Windows 7 Security

Will Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7 be more secure than other operating systems? Basic tests were run against the operating system to test the default settings of the OS. Windows 7’s firewall and setup is much like Windows Vista. The performance is totally different.

How to Use Microsoft Access to Connect to a SQL Database

Have you outgrown Microsoft Access and upgraded to SQL? Microsoft Access still plays a critical role and can be used for specialized queries. No matter how many ‘built in’ queries database administrators and programmers put into their application, special queries may need to be written by users.

Creating a Virtual LAN for Security

Creating a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) can help to increase security on your network. Many Network Administrators create VLANs to hold down broadcast traffic and ignore their Wireless network. Creating VLANs for your wireless helps broadcast traffic and increases security.