Steve Mallard

Hard Disk Junk Cleaner – Cleaning Your Hard Drive

Is your computer and system performance slow? Computers begin to slow down after being used over a period of time. Regardless of the amount of memory or hard drive space you have, your computers performance will begin to suffer after being used. Use utilities to clean your hard drive frequently.

How to Use the Mac OS X Firewall

Have a Mac and think you are safe? No computer is safe from malicious activities on the internet. While Mac and Windows users debate the safety of each operating system, Mac users should be aware that growing popularity has made Mac a target.

How to Setup Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in VirtualBox

Need to setup a SQL Server but don’t have the hardware? You can setup a database server and use virtualization to expand your server farm without any additional hardware. This tutorial shows how to setup a Microsoft SQL Server in VirtualBox on Microsoft Windows Server 2008.