Steve Mallard

Microsoft Access Network Tips

Many users use Microsoft Access on an individual computer and can be more productive when the database is networked. Being networked, the database can be used by multiple users and can update in real-time. When using Access on a network, there are ways to optimize both the database and the network.

Internet Privacy Concerns

With Behavioral Marketing, cookies, messaging, search engines, online forms, email, ISPs, mobile computing and more, consumers need to truly read policies, review settings on websites and their web browsers and to be aware when giving out personal information.

Configure and Troubleshoot Patch Management

Using third party applications to help keep your applications updated is necessary for the security of your computer. Keeping your computer up-to-date by installing operating system updates, ant-ivirus and anti-malware is critical. The right third party software can make it much easier.

Why IT Security Breaches Happen

Security Breaches occur when patches, updates, untrained personnel, misconfiguration of servers and other issues occur. To protect your network, you should look at these top ten vulnerabilities and think outside of the box to protect your network.

How To Remove Antivirus 2009?

Antivirus 2009 is a malicious virus and malware that can adversely affect your computer’s performance. This fake antivirus informs you that you may be infected by viruses. This malicious application infects your computer through websites that have been infected or through advertisements.

10 Ways to Secure Windows 7

Securing Microsoft’s Windows 7 is easy. With a more powerful user friendly UAC, firewall, sharing features and user interface; Windows 7 can be secured to help protect your valuable data. This article discusses the steps needed to truly protect your comp

Finding Your Computer’s WPA Key or WPA2 Key

Need to recover your WPA key because you reloaded Windows or forgot to save the wireless key to your computer? Use WirelessKeyView or quickly reset your router to reset the key. The importance of keeping your network secure cannot be over emphasised.

What is a Certified Ethical Hacker?

ECCouncil’s Certified Ethical Hackers are security analysts who protect the assets of companies. Trained to look at security in the defensive and offensive postures; these specialists secure data and keep networks secure. This globally recognized certification is one of best vendor neutral certs.

How to Configure Windows Vista as VPN Host

Want to ensure your data is kept secure when transferring it across a network or the Internet? Use a VPN to host or dial into another computer. VPN (Virtual Private Networks) insure your data is safely and securely transferred between locations. Setting up a VPN on Windows Vista is fast and easy.

Troubleshooting System Restore

If your computer is not functioning correctly, you can usually use System Restore to “Turn back time” on your system to get everything functioning correctly. System Restore helps to ensure your computer can be restored to a previous date. What happens when it fails? Use these tips to repair it.