Stephanie Torreno

How to Write Field Notes for a College Paper

Requirements of college courses often involve field work observing individuals or groups of people interacting. The purposes of these assignments include recording real-life experiences and reflecting on personal observations. Continue reading to learn how to write field notes for a college paper.

Steps in Writing a Critical Essay Successfully

Writing a critical essay encompasses many important abilities, including developing thinking skills, researching information, writing more effectively, and proofreading. These steps in writing a critical essay will make you a more successful communicator throughout college and in professional life.

Steps for Writing College Case Studies

A case study provides a detailed analysis about a particular individual or a small group. While case studies can be written for various courses, psychological case studies present information about human behavior and mental health treatment. Read this article about writing college case studies.

Learn How to be a Good Host for an Exchange Student

Hosting an exchange student can provide a great opportunity for a family to learn about a different culture. Specific guidelines should be followed, though, to promote a positive experience for the host family and the student. Learn how to be a good host for an exchange student in the below article.

Must-Have Advice for Students Repeating Courses in College

You have completed a college course, but you just learned you did not pass it. Or, you did not get the grade you had hoped to earn and need, or want, to take the class again. Repeating college classes requires a different approach to succeed, so read the following article to discover how to do so.

Academic Behaviors Necessary for College Readiness

The term ‘college readiness’ covers abilities students need to succeed on campus. Some abilities relate to academic knowledge, while others include behaviors drawn from study habits and students themselves. Continue reading to learn about the behaviors necessary to meet college readiness standards.

Preparing for College Writing: Papers, Essays, and Reports

Writing is one of most important skills college students attain. While students will receive plenty of writing practice in college, certain skills must be mastered when freshman enroll in classes. Learn how to begin preparing for college writing level before that first undergraduate paper is due.

Getting Ready to Take an English College Course

Most freshmen will be required to take an English college course. To make this course a little less daunting, and a little more enjoyable, students can ready themselves with these tips. Read about the preparation for college English and how you can achieve success in this important class.

ACT or SAT Which is Better? Learn if Colleges Prefer ACT or SAT

If you are beginning to think about college, you will probably begin preparing to take a standardized admissions test. You might be asking yourself, “Do colleges like the ACT or the SAT better?” Continue reading to learn the differences between the two tests and which one colleges prefer.