Stephanie M. Lucas

Top 20 Free iPhone Applications

Looking for the best free iPhone applications? Look no further. This mega-list of the top 20 free iPhone apps will give you great ideas for apps to try out.

Changing iPhone SMS and E-mail Alerts

Need to manage your iPhone SMS alerts? Wondering if you can change your e-mail alert on iPhone? You won’t need to look any further for those answers. This guide will walk you through changing your SMS alerts and managing your e-mail alerts.

What to Do When iPhone Has No Sound

Having trouble with no sound from iPhone? Whether you are experiencing trouble with phone calls, phone ringer, apps or alert tones, there are some troubleshooting tips to get your audio back.

How to Forward Yahoo Mail to iPhone

Want your Yahoo mail forwarded to your iPhone? It’s easy to set up. You can have Yahoo e-mail coming to your phone in less than 5 minutes with these simple steps. Learn how to set up your e-mail on iPhone with this guide.

How to Set iPhone Alarm

Use your iPhone as a trusted alarm clock. Learn about setting the iPhone alarm with this guide. We’ll also go over how to set multiple alarms and options available for third-party alarm clocks.

Restore Contacts to iPhone

Did you somehow lose your saved contacts? Learn how to restore iPhone contacts and a few things you can do to guard against losing any contacts in the future.

How to Use iPhone Safari

Learn how to navigate the web, create bookmarks, set a homepage and clear your browsing history on iPhone with this in-depth guide to iPhone Safari.

iPhone Voice Control Guide

Learn how to tell your phone what to do, literally. In this guide we’ll go over how to use the iPhone’s Voice Control feature and take a look at a list of supported commands.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Restore an iPhone

Having ongoing issues with an unresponsive iPhone or do you need to clear all data from your iPhone? This in-depth guide to this iPhone problem will show you how to restore an iPhone and discuss reasons you may need to perform these fixes.

How to Fix an iPhone Battery That is Draining Fast

Having trouble with a pesky battery that drains too fast? We’re going to look at some things you can do to improve iPhone battery life and get to the bottom of what may be causing your battery woes. If your iPhone battery is draining fast, you’ll want to read on for troubleshooting tips.

How to Backup iPhone Contacts Online

Don’t get stuck in a situation where you lose all the contacts saved to your iPhone. Find out the many options you have to protect your contacts by backing them up online. Well go over how to do this and discuss which service is the best out there.

Best iPhone Pregnancy Apps

In this iPhone pregnancy app roundup we’ll take a look at five top-rated apps. Learn what each app has to offer and get a recommendation for the best pregnancy app for iPhone.