S. R. Obbayi

Free Downloadable Nokia Ringtones

With literally thousands of sources for getting free ringtones for Nokia mobile phones. Downloading them should not be a hassle. All you need to do is figure out what the most convenient source for you is.

How to Setup Skype for Symbian Phones

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your Skype contacts within reach and call them regardless of where you are in the world without having to drag along a cumbersome laptop or worse, a desktop computer? It definitely would be nice. The good news is you can make Skype calls on Symbian. Here’s how.

CSS Commands For Internet Explorer 7

There are plenty of CSS commands available that you can use for I.E 7.0. These are not really new because many other browsers have already supported them for decades. HTML itself is good enough but these CSS commands give you added control over HTML components.

PHP Validation Script: The Basics

The PHP Validation Script is a complete set of rules by which you can add server-side validation to the forms easily and quickly. Read the full article to know the implementation of the Code validators and there’s also a demo form for your better understanding.

Using PHP cURL to read RSS feed XML

Feeds are getting very popular nowadays and we search for ways to easily access and parse those feeds using PHP. Read the full article to get a step by step code to read RSS feed XML using PHP cURL.