S. R. Obbayi

Good Example Projects Using Embedded Linux

Getting good example projects using embedded Linux today is not as hard as it was decades ago. Furthermore the projects are open source therefore giving you a better insight into what they entail. Read on to get a better understanding and appreciation for embedded Linux.

Understanding Open Source and CC Licensing

There are literally dozens of open content licensing models and it wont be a surprise to know that you may be having trouble understanding open source and CC licensing. The good news is that it has all been explained here so keep on reading.

Nokia Maps: Your Complete Travel Kit

Nokia Maps has come a long way from when it was called Ovi Maps. With a change in brand name, there is an expected change in features, experience and excitement. Is that the case with Nokia Maps? Read on and let us find out.

How Difficult is it to Learn HTML5?

In case you are wondering how difficult it is to learn HTML5, I would like to stretch that a little further and ask. How difficult is it to learn anything? There is no one size fits all answer to such as question and therefore it is going to take more than a few words to explain.

Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 Smartphone Battle

The iPhone 4 seems to be the phone to beat. There are a host of contenders in the smartphone supremacy battle. The Nokia N9 is another in the long line of phones to take on the iPhone 4. Let’s begin the Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 contest and see who comes out on top.

Top Five Nokia X7 Apps for Entertainment

You might be interested to know that some of the best Nokia X7 apps may be right under your nose. Here I reveal five simple apps that make the Nokia X7 the ideal entertainment device for your everyday use. Check them out.

Simple Rules for JavaScript Form Validation

There is nothing as stressful for the web developer as having some user abuse your HTML web forms. The sad truth is that this kind of abuse will never end. JavaScript form validation offers some elegant solutions to this, here’s how.

Top Five Apps for Nokia 2730 Classic

Finding apps for the Nokia 2730 Classic need not be a challenge. With these few apps you will be on your way to having the best experience possible with this classy looking Nokia phone. Go ahead and check out what we have lined up

The Top Recommended Apps for the Nokia 6790

The Nokia 6790 is well covered in the looks department. It is a phone designed for composing lots of information while on the move. Here is a list of recommended apps for the Nokia 6790 so that you can get the best out of it.

The Most Common Ways to Sign Symbian Apps

I know only too well the frustration of not being able to have your Symbian apps install on mobile phones due to signing issues. Here I will show you how to sign Symbian applications and so avoid this problem.

How Do I Make Columns on a Web Page?

How do i make columns on a web page? is a question you might find yourself asking when websites or services like Yahoo Mail or Gmail come up with a new layout that dazzles you. The good news is that you too can learn the same techniques. Here is how.

A Comprehensive Look at the SQL IN Statement

Coming across a SQL IN statement should not be anything strange to the SQL developer. Not even the newbies. This is an operator that should be used more often that it usually is. Let us see what makes this operator deserve more recognition than it receives.

Must Have Nokia 5233 Apps

With this phone, Nokia has managed to bring high-end smartphone features to the low end user base. With this excitement in mind, what Nokia 5233 apps would be ideal to make the best out of this touch-screen device?