Stephanie Michael

Growing Organic Garlic in Your Own Backyard

Starting your own organic garden is a commitment to eating healthier and growing healthier. Growing organic garlic is a great place to start, it’s easy to grow and due to the fact that it’s a natural insecticide it can help the rest of your garden flourish.

A Brief History of the Going Green Movement

The history of environmentalism started way before eco living was even called going green. The fact is that the expansion of this movement, philosophy, and way of life is important for our survival and the survival of the planet. So how did it start? What

Top 4 Cruise Ships Going Green

Cruises are fun, pampering, and full of surprises. Most surprising is the amount of waste that is produced by some cruise lines. By choosing a green cruise you can have the fun without the guilt.

Just How Much Money Can You Save With Homemade Cleaners?

It seems like everyone is going green these days, but sometimes buying organic or specialty products can be expensive. Luckily when it comes to going green and making your own eco-friendly cleaning supplies, it is possible to eliminate toxic chemicals and fumes without spending more.

Going Green in the bathroom

If you’re trying to green your life you’ve probably looked into ways to save water, save energy, and recycle trash but have you looked in your medicine cabinet. Personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, makeup and nearly everything else can sometimes contain sometimes harmful, unnatural

Quick and easy ways to go green at home

Quick and easy tips you can use to help save money while greening your home. Sometimes its as easy as flipping the switch on your way out of a room other times its about motivating your family to participate in the greening of your home.