Cora Wilder

Solar Load Based on Paint Color – Cool Roofs Are Greener

Solar energy striking building roofs is a significant heat source, and if absorbed by a roof it can contribute directly to the building’s cooling load and affect the urban environment. Solar energy absorbed by a roof is largely dependent on color, so roof material colors and paint are important.

Top 5 Shoes Made from Recyclables for Kids, Toddlers & Babies

Choosing recycled shoes is easier now than it was 10 years ago, but finding them is not as easy as it may seem. Companies vary in the sustainability and transparency of their practices. The top five shoe brands below are environmentally minded and make kid shoes with recycled and natural materials.

Corries Glaciation – Landforms and Climate Change

Corrie glaciation shapes the land into characteristic corries, arêtes, horns and tarns that fully reveal themselves as glaciers retreat. Glaciers are now retreating worldwide as a result of global warming, and glacier analysis is important for understanding environmental impacts of climate change.

Geothermal Solar Systems for Heating and Cooling

Geothermal solar systems comprised of passive solar and geothermal components work to increase energy efficiency in homes. With the passive solar design and geothermal energy for heating and cooling, homes use remarkably less energy, much of it renewable and clean.

Rail Road Ties – Concrete or Wood – Which is Greener?

Railroad ties around the world are up for replacement. The crossties that hold railroad tracks together are traditionally made of wood, but now, stronger and longer lasting — but more energy intensive to produce — concrete ties are available. Which tie material is greener – wood or concrete?