Sidharth Thakur

Strange Business Ideas That Really Took Off

You don’t need big money to build a big business! Instead, what you need is a big idea. And the more strange or creative your idea, the more earning potential it has. We’re all set to prove that strange ideas can often mean successful businesses. Keep reading…

Turning Yogi Berra Quotes Into Entrepreneurial Advice

Yogi Berra! What’s a baseball player got to do with business? Maybe nothing directly, but his quotes often seem to hold business relevance. Not convinced? Keep reading and we’ll interpret his quotes to show you how they can be used as business or entrepreneurial advice.

A Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be a lucrative profession, provided you know the secrets to composing the right shots based on the needs of the client and the particular style of wedding. Here’s a guide that will take you from basic shooting techniques through to information on becoming a professional.

Wedding Photography Image Gallery

Wedding photography, although it has become overly commercialized, is still practiced as an art by many photographers. The essence of wedding photography lies in capturing the emotions of the couple and the beauty of their relationship and that’s what this image gallery is about.

Nature Photography Guide

Want to learn more on how to take spectacular photographs of nature? Here’s a detailed guide that is filled with information on equipment and techniques, covering different genres within nature photography.

Energy Saving Ideas For Your Home

Are the energy bills guzzling down your hard earned money? Are you looking for ways to cut down your energy consumption? Then, here’s our timely guide to saving energy in your home.

Using an ADL Matrix to Determine Business Strategy

Business strategies need to be reconfigured when the competitive position of the business changes or when the industry moves from one stage of its life cycle to another. And that is where an ADL strategy planning matrix proves to be of great help! Find out how…

Organizational Restructuring: Strategies and Examples

No business can continue to function in the same way forever. With changing times and changing business conditions, restructuring is one of the options for a business to stay on track. Here’s a quick look at how businesses have used restructuring to come out of difficult situations.

DIY: Wood Fired Oven Construction Plan

Have you been putting off your plans for building a wood fired baking oven, just because you’re not sure how to go about it? Follow this illustrative guide and you’ll soon have a marvel to admire, right there in your background.