Troubleshooting BlackBerry Speaker

If you have trouble hearing the person you are talking to on your BlackBerry with the device to your ear, but you have no trouble hearing the person on speakerphone, you may need to change your sound settings, update your BlackBerry service books, re-program your BlackBerry or reset your BlackBerry.

How to Password Protect Your BlackBerry

Password Protecting your BlackBerry prevents you from accidentally dialing a number, opening an application or prevents access to your phone by a stranger should you lose your phone. If you need to remove the lock you set on your phone or you found a phone and want to remove the lock, you can.

Free BlackBerry Apps for Microsoft Word

BlackBerry devices have a global application (App World) that allows you to download other applications to your BlackBerry device. These applications include games, GPS services, commonly used features like a calculator and other applications that allow you to open Word documents on your device.

How to View BlackBerry Application Size

The BlackBerry application size determines if you have enough room in your BlackBerry to download the new application. It also helps you determine if you need to delete an application. Having a large application on your operating system may cause your BlackBerry device to respond slowly or crash.

HTC Aria User Guide

The Aria is easy to use, much like its other Android HTC counterparts. This device has features set up in a great format that allow a novice user to navigate quickly through them with ease.

HTC Evo Guide

There is so much that you don’t know about the HTC EVO that it may take a book to explain it all. I am not writing a book, but I will give you a brief version of everything you should know how to use on your new HTC EVO including using the Hotspot and the Qik feature.

HTC Tilt 2 Review

This HTC Tilt 2 review will get you up to date with this Windows Mobile release in the HTC family. This phone has many features and updates that users will thoroughly enjoy.

Troubleshooting HTC Aria Problems

Knowing how to troubleshoot the HTC Aria will allow you to resolve many annoying issues the Aria may have. Having this knowledge also allows you to bypass calling the wireless service provider troubleshooting department to resolve your HTC Aria problems.

Samsung Moment vs HTC Hero

The popular touchscreen feature that used to make the Hero and the Moment stand out, is now a standard feature on most phones today. The most important thing that most people look for now is the capabilities of the device and perhaps the applications that can run on it.

Guide to HTC Touch Software Upgrade

Learn how to upgrade HTC Touch software in a few simple steps. The process takes about thirty minutes to complete and less than one minute to navigate through the correct settings on the device to initiate the software upgrade. Learn how to backup the device and learn how to use HTC ActiveSync.

HTC Touch Pro Email Guide

Learn how to setup HTC Touch Pro email in a few short clicks. The HTC Touch Pro is capable of syncing with regular POP servers and Exchange servers on the same device. Learn how to manage individual settings for email account setup on the device and learn how to delete email accounts.

HTC Evo Problems

Many potential HTC Evo problems are no secret. Any new device will, luckily the highly popular and much anticipated Evo has problems that are easily fixed. The niggles are minuscule compared to the performance that it delivers. Learn about some of the known issues and how to fix them.

HTC HD Mini Reviewed

The HTC HD Mini is the subject of this review. The HTC HD mini is a high performance phone that is fully customizable. It can do more than just make calls; the HTC HD Mini is a device that connects you to the world.

Phonebook 2.0 Review

Transferring and synchronizing contacts to or from your device has become more difficult because of the many compatibility issues with various operating systems that have recently emerged. The Phonebook 2.0 is the solution to your dilemma. Learn how to use the Phonebook 2.0 and its benefits.

Using your HTC Phone with a Mac

Synchronizing your HTC with a Mac is an easy process. The Mac has made it harder and harder to cross different operating systems to use its many functionalities. However, there are many ways to work around this minuscule inconvenience.

What is the Best Android Dating App?

To get the best Android dating apps at the Android Market read this review first. You don’t want to waste your time with apps that are not what you thought they were. You also don’t want to download apps that will mess up your operating system. Read this review and see why these apps are the best.