Avoiding Injuries as a Developer

Web developers are notorious self-abusers, but not in a fun way. We tend to squint at the screen for long hours, forget to eat, and get very little exercise above the wrist. We slump in ergonomic chairs and place our monitors at angles that make us crane to see them when we slump.

10 Essential Software Apps For Mac Web Developers

For a developer, trying to keep abreast of all the potential applications for your Mac can be a daunting task – whether you’re freelance, or working with a team. With hundreds of software apps available, who’s got time to check them all out? Here are the top ten I find most useful.

Why Your Websites Forms Should Use Inline Validation

As a rule, web forms aren’t the most user friendly of tools. They require a series of questions, and then don’t inform you of a misstep until you’ve finished and hit submit. The most poorly built forms make you start over at the beginning, a frustrating experience for the user.

Web typography

Web typography is something a good designer should stop to consider. Presenting information in chunks that are easy to read and easy on the eyes often results in visitor retention, while chaotic test discourages visitor trust and often results in lost business.

FTP 101 – the Basics of File Transfer

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a method for clients to transfer files to and from other computers or servers over a TCP/IP network. Knowing how to use it gives you more flexibility and control over the files on your website.

Building an HTML mirror for Flash

Flash sites are undeniably eye-catching, but unless there’s a non-flash alternative for clients with slower connections or older computers, a flash-only site could cost your business potential customers.

20 Ways to Put Your Web Development Business on the Map

Before you can make money in business, you have to get attention. How will you put your web development business on the map? Without a detailed marketing plan, it’s just not going to happen. Here are 20 powerful ways to cut through the clutter and successfully market your web development business.

Smart Strategies for Building Your Web Design Business

Building a sustainable freelance web design business can seem like an impossible task. Many web developers are shocked to find technical skill just isn’t enough. To compete and earn business in a competitive market, you have to find smart strategies for building your web design business.