Birthday Presents for Old Guys

It’s not easy to buy birthday presents for old guys. The first thing to remember is that the hair may be gray but the guy inside is the same. Birthday presents should speak to that guy that still lives in there and touch that part of him that will always be his center.

Google Earth Street View Incidents

Most people think of street views as a convenience, but the objections to Google Earth street view incidents continues, and a new area of concern has hit the news. How much privacy are we willing to give up for convenience?

Different Types of Nursing Careers

Nursing is a huge field offering many different types of nursing careers. There are so many specialties to consider that the options are almost endless. If you’re considering a nursing career, your choice may depend on the duties you want to perform or the kind of patients you’d like to work with.

Ways to Save on Everyday Expenses: Tips You Can Use!

Budget blowouts are often the result of impulse spending, maintenance neglect and poor planning. Most people don’t even realize what they’re doing – or not doing. To find ways to save on everyday expenses, take a close look at where your money is really going, and then take responsibility.

Tips to Help you Design a Fundraising Poster

Design a fundraising poster with punch, make it memorable, and above all, get your message across. Find out how to include the necessary elements and inspire people to take action-be there, buy this, or donate to a cause-to get the best results for your efforts.

Which is Cheaper: Direct TV or Dish Network

You’ve seen the commercials as Direct TV and Dish Network battle it out, but is there any real difference between the two services? Dish Network claims to be cheaper and Direct TV claims more bang for your buck. So, which is cheaper, Direct TV or Dish Network? Compare and decide on your own.

Learn About SpriteMe – generate CSS Sprites with one click

CSS Sprites are an established technique used to streamline code and reduce server load to improve page load times for a faster, more efficient website. If you’ve heard of them but don’t really understand the concept, here’s an overview of what they are and how to use SpriteMe to create them.

Learn More About the Top XML Sitemap Generators

An XML site map is an essential part of website SEO. Search engine bots charged with indexing site links for reporting cannot read menus that rely on javascript to create rollover effects. An XML sitemap makes it easier for bots and visitors to locate specific pages. – is it worth the price offers a service that registers your name and, depending on how much you’re willing to pay, your bio and other details on hundreds of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and endless others that crop up on the web. You can do it yourself for free, but is it worth your time?

Why Should I Use Web Standards?

If you’re new to web developing and don’t understand why you really need to learn and use web standards, here are some compelling reasons to do so. If you’re already using web standards, these are good justification arguments, in case it ever comes up.

Avoiding Injuries as a Developer

Web developers are notorious self-abusers, but not in a fun way. We tend to squint at the screen for long hours, forget to eat, and get very little exercise above the wrist. We slump in ergonomic chairs and place our monitors at angles that make us crane to see them when we slump.

10 Essential Software Apps For Mac Web Developers

For a developer, trying to keep abreast of all the potential applications for your Mac can be a daunting task – whether you’re freelance, or working with a team. With hundreds of software apps available, who’s got time to check them all out? Here are the top ten I find most useful.