Shanna James

A Guide to the Best HTC Amaze 4G Cases

The HTC Amaze is an exciting new mobile device geared towards tech aficionados the world over. But after spending a fair amount of money on this new cell phone, it is important to protect it against the elements and enhance its lifespan. This is where Amaze cases, pouches and holsters come in.

Best Apps for Web Browsing on BB Smartphones

If you are not able to browse the Internet or connect to Internet related applications on your BlackBerry, it is safe to say that your BB is in paper weight mode. Yes, it is still a smartphone, but the driving force behind a BlackBerry is its many applications and the famous BlackBerry Messenger.

Find The Best HP Pre 3 Cases

The HP Pre 3 is a powerful smartphone with a sleek design and wonderful features that will hit the American market soon. If you plan to purchase this device, or already own one, then this article will supply you with a list of HP Pre 3 cases that are efficient and can be used to protect your phone.

Top Five HTC HD7S Cases

HTC is quickly becoming popular for its selection of wonderfully designed, feature-enriched smart phones. If you happen to own a HTC HD7S or are planning on buying one, this article will provide you with a list of cases that are ideal to help you to protect your investment.