Shane Burley

Complete Guide to Video Conversion

Video conversion is one of the most essential parts of the post-production process, especially as we diversify the types of formats we use. Here are several articles outlining everything you need to know about video conversion, from how to get started to specific formats and software options.

Guide to Authoring Your Film on DVDs

Learning how DVDs work, how to manage the software, what hardware to get, and what makes a professional product is critical if you want to become a DVD author. Here is a set of tutorials to set you up in the world of DVD authoring.

The Complete Guide to Apple Compressor Tutorials

Apple Compressor, which is the video compression and conversion component of the Final Cut Studio, is a professional-level program that has a very welcoming interface. Here are some complete tutorials that are going to help you learn the software, and how to perform specific tasks within it.

Complete iPod Nano Guide: From New to Old

The Nano is the no-nonsense iPod that breaks down the basic media playback options with a much smaller size and price. The device is simpler than other iPod models, but it still has a slight learning curve. Check out this guide to learn various tips and tricks for the popular MP3 player.

A Complete Guide to iMovie Tutorials

Mac users will find that the iLife package makes creating and altering their own media a practical possibility. iMovie is the simple video editing option here, and can be used by digital video newbies. Here are several helpful tutorials that will get you started and answer your iMovie questions.

Ultimate Guide to Final Cut Pro Tutorials

Final Cut Pro has developed itself into one of the most prevalent video editing programs, even stealing some of the thunder from the industry favorites. The software is intricate, and will require you to learn a number of different areas. Take a look at these tutorials to learn how the tools.

A Comprehensive Guide to Soundtrack Pro Tutorials

Soundtrack Pro offers a middle ground between amateur and high-end professional software, and allows you to master your audio and create quality soundtracks. The program may be easier than some alternatives, but it still requires some detailed tutorials to learn how it works.