Sandy Samra

Guide to iPhone Screen Repair Solutions

The iPhone, despite being the gadget of the decade, isn’t infallible. It’s incredibly prone to cracks, and faults, especially when it comes to the touch screen. So, here in this article we have tried to address the main types of faults that can occur with the iPhone’s screen.

Recommendations for the Top LG enV3 Apps

Here’s a round up of the best LG enV3 apps that will allow you to take full advantage of the handset’s impressive features. Track your family, stay up to date with the weather, get new ringtones and more with these handy apps.

Cydia GPS Apps for iPhone

Cydia GPS applications are limited for your jailbroken iPhone. Luckily, we have found two GPS apps that offer a number of features and are amongst the best applications for jailbroken devices. Take a look!

Best Bluetooth Music iPhone App

Playing music through Bluetooth has always been something that every iPhone user wants to experience. So, are there any apps for that? Read on to find out!