Guide to an Organic Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Learn about raised bed organic gardening, including a DIY raised garden bed. With simple materials that you may already have on hand, learn do-it-yourself measures to create a raised bed vegetable garden, step by step. Discover how to mix soil and kill grass in your raised bed garden.

Pollutants in your food

Environment pollution is rampant in streams, rivers and even in your soil. From overuse of antibiotics to andro in streams, the environment impact that is known is hard to comprehend, that which is unknown is frightening. Today more than ever, environment protection should be on every “to do” list.

Prevent Biodiversity Loss With A Roof Garden

Prevent biodiversity loss by creating an eco-friendly habitat on the roof. Ideal for urban gardeners, a roof garden can contribute to biodiversity by showcasing and preserving indigenous plants and heirloom seeds. Additionally, you’ll have healthy food, cut food costs and help save the planet.

Tips on Starting Your Own Unique Small Business Niche

Discover unique business niche ideas using these resources. From tips on starting your own small business to niche definition, you’ll find tons of ideas to get you started in the right direction toward the world’s next hot business. Check out these helpful ideas to carve out your business niche.

How to Get a Grant to Start My Own Business

If you ever wanted to know “How to get a grant to start my own business” – then this article is for you. It covers helpful information and provides resource links for getting government grants for starting a business as well as an overview of government grants for minorities.

How to Select Your Business Name

Did you ever wonder why famous corporations selected their name? Or why a particular slogan pops into your head when you think of a certain company? It’s all a part of branding. When you’re choosing your business name, it is wise to think of all the connotations that will be associated with it.

How to Get Funds to Start a Business

Have you always wanted to start your own business but didn’t because you thought it would cost too much? Dust off those ideas and dreams, and get ready to roll. Here follow 20 ideas on how to get funds to start a business.

Small Business Ethics

Every entrepreneur should be concerned with small business ethics. While the trickle-down theory of economics may be debunked, ethics do have a trickle-down effect. If the top brass displays good ethics then it will have a positive effect on the entire organization.

Fantastic Tips on Buying Your First Small Business

“Don’t quit your day job,” Sarah said as she peered at her friend over her cup of coffee.
“But that’s the whole point in starting my own business,” Jane answered. “I want to work for myself. To live the great American dream by buying a small business.”