Sage Kalmus

Typical Solar Maintenance Costs

Typical solar maintenance costs are relatively low, covering mostly regularly cleaning and periodic repair or parts replacement. Maintenance costs of solar power are also ameliorated by the many cost-savings.

Reviews of the Best Interior Solar Shades

Interior solar shades reduce the glare of the sun coming in through the windows while maintaining the view outside. Here we review some of the best solar window shades currently available in terms of style, functionality and energy efficiency.

Safe Disposal of Treated Wood

While there are no specific laws or regulations for the proper disposal of treated wood, there are many reasons to dispose of it safely. This includes not burning, grinding, or recycling pressure treated wood, and it includes possibly holding on to it for reuse in a future DIY project.

Different Types of Eco Flooring: Sustainable Hardwood

Green flooring is hardwood grown and produced into environmentally sound eco flooring. Sustainable hardwood flooring can be as attractive, long-lasting and durable as any traditional flooring, with an equally wide array of hardwood types to pick from, including reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Recycled Countertops: From Aluminum to Reused Glass

Green homeowners and businesses are always looking for more ways to be green. Recycled countertops offer the opportunity for people to further “green” their home building projects. Read on to find out more about the variety of functional and stylish countertops made from recycled materials.