Jayant R Row

Tidal Energy Is A Never Ending Source of Energy

Tidal energy is used to convert the energy in tides into other forms of energy that are useful to mankind, mainly in the form of power through electricity. Such tidal energy had also been used earlier by tide mills mainly to drive flour mills and such examples go back to even Roman times.

Low Cost Housing is Also Environmentally Friendly

Low cost housing can lead to more people being able to live in better conditions than the slums that a vast majority of urban population in cities around the world seems to have to contend with. This can definitely help to improve the quality of life.

Superconductivity – The Final Frontier?

A material that is superconductive can store electrical energy without any losses. This can help power stations to store energy effortlessly during hours when the demand is not at a peak, and distribute the stored energy whenever it is needed. Superconductivity can reduce transmission losses to zero

Wind Turbines: Vibration Predictive Maintenance

Abnormal vibration in any machinery is an indication of possible problems which need attention so the machinery functions to its optimum capacity. The remote locations of most wind turbines make it imperative to constantly monitor and utilize vibration predictive maintenance techniques.

Investment Strategy: Christian Funds

A number of investors are being choosy about how their invested funds are used and are happier if these investments can link them up to their own faith. Christian funds address these concerns and keep the investor happy while he still makes money out of his investment.

Common Heavy Construction Equipment

Heavy construction equipment can include tunnel boring machines and ship-based lifting cranes used in port and bridge construction among others. Some common heavy construction equipment needs special permission to move on roads and quite often may even need modifications of bridges, etc.