Rose Smith

Famous Business Partners You May Never Have Heard Of

Anyone who knows anything about Microsoft associates Bill Gates as the founder. However, not too many non-techies know much about partner Paul Allen. Find out more about Allen and two other unsung partners behind the scenes of three stunningly successful organizations.

The Latest Book Publishing Trends

Did you know L. Frank Baum had to self-publish the Wizard of Oz? Ever wondered how many masterpieces went undiscovered because a publisher rejected it? Baum used royalties from his successful children’s books to make the classic happen. E-books have fueled a powerful self-publishing revolution.

How Do Infopreneurs Reach Their Customers?

Many bloggers make the mistake of thinking their most important task is providing information. It’s not. How do infopreneurs reach their customers? Find out the single most crucial task every infopreneur relies on to make the enterprise thrive.

10 Easy & Creative Photoshop Elements Tips

Image editing software often presents a heaven or hell dilemma, depending on how familiar you are with it. Photoshop Elements 9 is a joy because of all the creative and easy tools you can use to enhance your photos. These Photoshop Elements tips will have you editing like a pro in no time.