Ronda Bowen

Graduate Students Get the Shaft in the Government Debt Deal

Maybe I wasn’t meant to complete my education. Maybe it’s a sign from the center of the universe that an MFA program was not in my future, or at least one that says that I should reconsider just how badly I want to finish my educational goals. Whatever it was, it affected nearly two million others.

Doublespeak in Marketing: When Does It Become Sugar-Coating?

George Orwell, in his essay “Politics and the English Language,” spoke about how language can be used to put a different spin on facts that might not be easily accepted by the general public. Politics isn’t the only arena where people play this game. Gain more customers by telling the truth!

Was That Social Media Campaign Really Free?

It’s commonly thought that social media is a great way to market your business because it’s a free tool that allows you to get your message and brand in front of a lot of people. However, what many people don’t account for or bother to calculate is how much the social media campaign really costs.

Newsletter Ideas to Knock ‘Em for a Loop

Nothing misrepresents a vivacious organization more than a lackluster newsletter. It’s important to add some pep in your step when it comes to sharing what’s been going on. Whether you’re creating a newsletter for your family or for your large corporation, try some of these tips.

How to Set up a Facebook Page for Your Business

With all of the hype surrounding social media marketing, you should have a Facebook page. Not only is having a Facebook business page free, it also allows you to promote your page using Facebook ads. So, how do you set up a Facebook page that will get the page views you’re looking for?

Protect Your Ideas for New Inventions

It’s great to be filled with ideas. It’s even greater to legally register and protect your ideas so you are able to be paid for your intellectual property. What are the steps that one needs to take after coming up with an idea for a new product or invention? Learn what you need to do and why.