Reeja Mathew

What are the Three Types of Black Holes?

Black holes are one of the most puzzling phenomenon in the cosmos. As even a ray of light can’t defy its gravitational force, the mystery behind black holes can’t be easily solved. Read on to find out about the three types of black holes.

Difference Between Stars and Quasars

Quasars are a relatively new member to the zoo of cosmic objects astronomers study, having been first discovered in the 1950’s. Many questions are still unanswered about quasars and sometimes they are confused with stars. This article discusses the difference between stars and quasars.

Terrestrial Planets, Jovian Planets

All the planets in the Solar System can be grouped into two categories – terrestrial and Jovian planets. This article details the similarities between these very different types of planets.

Planet Earth

The influence that Jupiter has on the Earth is a topic of hot discussion. Some scientists are of the opinion that Jupiter acts as a guardian. Others dispel that notion. Read on to know how Jupiter influences Earth.

Contributions of Vera Rubin to Astronomy

Vera Rubin is one of the pioneers in the field of astronomy. She overcame a number of obstacles to command respect from her contemporaries. Read on to know more about Vera Rubin’s work.

WISE–NASA’s infrared survey of the universe

NASA has yet another remarkable satellite mission–the WISE mission is launched on December 14. The $300 million venture, WISE is an infrared telescope designed to detect objects and phenomenon visible light telescopes cannot.

What Is Albedo? What is Earth’s Albedo?

Albedo is the measure of the reflective nature of an object. This dimensionless number provides important clues about celestial objects and can even be used as an indicator of global warming. Read on for more information about albedo.