Reeja Mathew

How Solar Magnetic Activity Affects Climate

Different parts of the world are experiencing unusual changes in the climate. Scientists are trying to find an answer to this pending problem, which is unfolding around the world. This article discusses how solar magnetic activity may affect climate and lead to global warming.

Facts on the Mir Space Station

The Mir space station was the first successful orbiting space station after NASA’s Skylab. For its 15 years in orbit it served as a research platform for Russia and many other countries that sent astronauts and cosmonauts to stay on board. Get some facts and history on the Mir space station.

NASA’s Robotic Arm Use in Past and Future Space Missions

Different space agencies are increasingly depending on robotic space missions. Even though different types of robots are used in space exploration, robotic arms are one of the most widely used. Read on to learn how NASA’s robotic arm is used in Mars missions and in maintenance of shuttles in space.

What is a Fireball in Space?

Fireballs are brilliant displays of light created by the heating of fast moving celestial objects as they enter the atmosphere of a planet. But not all result in fireballs. Read on to find what is a fireball in space.

How Old is The Universe?

What is the age of the Universe? It is a question which appeals to people from all backgrounds. Both the atheists and believers are trying to find an answer to this question. If you’ve ever wondered just how old the Universe is take a look at this article.

Space Robots and Their Missions

Space robots and robotic space explorers are tasked with missions to assist astronauts in space, explore our planet, Solar System and the cosmos. More and more countries are opting for robotic missions. This article is explores these marvels of technology.

What Discoveries Has the Hubble Telescope Made

The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most popular space telescopes in service. Are you interested in finding what discoveries the Hubble telescope has made? Then read further to find about its history and amazing discoveries.

Learn the Order of Planets in Solar System

Astronomy is one of the oldest branches of science, which studies celestial objects and how the order of planets in our solar system evolved through centuries. Even after centuries it is still a source of excitement for a vast number of astronomers around the world.

Come Visit Calypso, a Moon of Saturn

In February 2010, Cassini spacecraft took some very clear images of Saturn’s moon Calypso as it passed by at about 21,000 kilometers (13,000 miles). These will help scientists learn more more about the nature of this tiny moon and Saturn’s large satellite system.