Shawn S. Lealos

Adobe Premiere CS5 Tips for Video Editing

When working with the Adobe Premiere video editing software, there are a number of items that often give users problems. Here is a look at some of those tasks and tips for how to get through them with no trouble at all.

Geocaching Guide for All Ages & Levels

Geocaching is a scavenger hunt game where millions of people worldwide hide objects and others set out to find them. While the treasures are often small and worthless, the goal is to get outside and discover new things while taking part in a healthy and educational hobby.

A Comprehensive Guide to Film Production for Beginners

Making a movie can be a lot of fun but it’s the producers who have to make sure that it is completed and of a good enough quality to sell to make investors their money back. From hiring a crew to the production and eventual distribution of the film, here are tips for beginner film producers.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Film Just About Anything

When you decide you want to try to learn the trade of a filmmaker, there is a lot of room to stumble. Whether you want to make movies, music videos or just shoot someone’s wedding, there are many who have traveled the road before. Here are tips to the trade to help get you started as a filmmaker.

A Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing

Sitting down to edit a video can feel overwhelming thanks to all the tools and techniques available to editors. While there seems to be an abundance of information to learn, here are the best tutorials to help you get your project off the ground and onto the screen.

A Complete Guide to Budget Filmmaking

When setting out to make a movie, you don’t have to have millions of dollars on hand for the production. Many people make movies every year for little to no out-of-pocket expenses. From pre-production to the filmmaking process itself, here is a guide to making your own low budget movie.

A Guide to Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Adobe presents editors with one of the most powerful tools for video editing: After Effects. With the ability to create graphics and animate projects to achieve almost any goal, the software is massive and the learning curve is steep. Here are several tutorials to help beginners master the software.

Looking Under the Hood: How Does an MP3 Player Work?

MP3 players are one of the most widely used electronic devices in the world, playing music and video while accomplishing many other tasks as well. There are also many different music files you may have seen and wonder what they mean. Wonder no more as we show you the inner workings of an MP3 player.

The Art of Smooth Skin Photoshop Techniques

Movie stars always seem to look perfect in magazines but much of that perfection was created after the fact in photo editing. If you own software such as Photoshop, you too can have perfect skin, if only in your own photo collection. Here is a look at how to accomplish this airbrushing task.

Being a Press Photographer: What it Takes to Succeed

Getting out of the office environment and traveling to different places to take photographs can be a dream job for an adventurous photographer. Working as a photojournalist can be rewarding and exciting although it is not easy to break into the business. Here is what you need to know to get started.