Best Book to Give a College Graduate: An Ideal Present

When you want to give a loved one graduating college something really special that will both stand the test of time and be immediately appreciated, consider giving her a book. Don’t pick just any book. Opt for one from this list of books that are perfect for the college grad.

College Kids Living at Home? Pointers for Peace for Parents

Many parents are relieved to have college kids living at home. Not only can parents save on dorm expenses, but they enjoy savoring the last few years they may experience having their child living under their same roof. Here are some tips for keeping the peace if you are so lucky.

Should You Apply to College with a Major or Undecided?

When preparing your college applications, you want everything to be right. One thing you may also want to consider is should you apply to college with a major or as undecided. There are many rumors about which one will increase your chances of acceptance, but here are your true considerations.

Effective Communication Skills of College Students

As a college student, you’ll be treated more as an adult. You’ll also be expected to communicate as an adult, yet as an adult who defers authority to professors and who treats older adults with an extra measure of respect. Here’s how to determine the ins and outs of communicating in college.

Gifts for Adult Men Going Back to School: Fun Ideas

When a man is going back to college after a long absence, you want to do everything you can to encourage him. Finding ideal gifts for an adult man going back to school is not an easy task. Here are some things that he’s sure to enjoy and also some things that will motivate him in his studies.

Successful Group Work in College: Tips to Share

If you like to study in student groups, you’ll want to keep in mind these tips on group work in college. With so many possible distractions, the key is to listen to others and also contribute to the discussion in turn. The more organized your group work is, the more that each student can learn.

Helpful Advice for Foreign Exchange Students

One of the most exciting things about college for some students is the possibility of traveling and studying at the same time. Foreign exchange programs thrive for students all over the world. Here is helpful advice for foreign exchange students to learn how to succeed as a traveling student.

Organizing College Study Groups: Benefits, Planning, and More

If you want to really excel at college, you need to motivate yourself to go the extra mile. Organizing college study groups, especially in the areas that give you the most trouble, can really motivate you to study hard for class. It can also lead to having fun while studying, a novel concept.

How to Find a Job after College

Bridging the realities of being a college student with being a working adult will go more smoothly if you use the many hands willing to help you as a college student. How to find a job after college is a winding road. As you go, you must put in the research, work, and effort.

Must Have College Graduate Interview Skills

When you’re a college graduate, you likely have the future and your long-term career on your mind. However, it’s important to also try to live in the moment and prepare for your first job. Focusing on your interview skills as a college graduate will give you a great head start in your career.

Helpful Hints for Completing a College Admissions Application

When it comes to the college application process, you want to get organized in order to make sure that you come off as professional, motivated and dedicated to the school to which you are applying. Here is a checklist to use when completing a college admissions application.

Advantages of Living on Campus or in a Dorm

To live on campus or not to live on campus is a decision that plagues many incoming college freshmen. Yes, it’s mandatory by some schools, but most give you the freedom of that choice. Learn these advantages of living on campus to help you choose the college dorm over that apartment near campus.

Avoiding Weight Gain in College: Students Benefit from These Tips

Most people have heard of the “Freshman 15” weight gain. That refers to the fifteen pounds that many college freshmen gain in their first year of school. Although it’s used as a joke, this weight gain can inconvenience and bother many students. If you want to avoid it, here are some tips.

Green Christmas: How to Deal with Wasteful Relatives

If you’re an environmentalist, seeing mainstream waste and excess around the holidays can be challenging. You may wonder how you can make a difference without seeming like the Grinch and Stooge of the green movement. Luckily, there are some subtle ways to deal with wasteful relatives at Christmas.

20 Reasons to go Vegan: Advantages to the Vegan Lifestyle

Going vegan is the most ethical consumer choice if you want to prevent the torture and murder of innocent animals. However, there are also some advantages to going vegan than many don’t even realize until they are on this great path for animals, the earth and themselves.