Mike Aguilar

Making Fossil Fuels Less Hazardous for Our Environment

Coal-fired power generating facilities spew vast quantities of the greenhouse gas CO2 into our atmosphere. However, there is a technology that could allow these facilities to keep operating, but it could also possibly have as much of an impact on greenhouse gas emissions as renewable technologies.

Upgrade to Windows 7 with as Few Problems as Possible

Upgrading your operating system to Windows 7 can be more difficult than previous upgrades. Some hardware doesn’t want to work properly after the upgrade. Data gets lost or maybe the programs you were using won’t work. These tips and tricks will help you solve Windows 7 upgrade problems.

Gifts for Windows Users: New for the Holidays

Looking for something new for the holidays to give as a gift to your favorite Windows user? Companies like Microsoft, Logitech, Kensington and others have recently released or are soon to release a number of items that can greatly enhance the Windows computing or gaming experience.

Installing and Troubleshooting Asus Windows 7 Drivers

Every Windows operating system requires drivers to run properly. Drivers allow you to hear audio and see video. They allow you to input information using the mouse and keyboard. There are a few different sites you can go to download ASUS Windows 7 drivers, and I will list some of them here.

Freeware or Open Source Registry Repair Utility Roundup

Registry errors affect everyone at one time or another. Some people can afford to pay a professional to fix them or buy something to fix them. But why pay money you may not have when there are perfectly good options that are free? Read on to see some of these free registry repair options.

Install Missing Windows Media Player Codecs

Missing codecs can make video files not play, play without showing the video or cause them to play out of synch with their audio component. This article describes how to determine which codecs are missing and how to find and install them.

Windows 7 Upgrade from Vista

As soon as I got my hands on Windows 7, I had to install it. I was using a Vista Business edition with a huge amount of software installed. I used the upgrade option even knowing of my not so great past experiences. Here we discuss a successful Windows 7 upgrade from Vista.