Rianne Hill Soriano

Shooting a Film in 3D: Overview of the Process

Shooting in 3D follows the same concept as the human eyes. The left eye sees from one perspective, and then the right eye sees from another. Things they see are almost identical, but not quite the same. The brain processes these perspectives together for a person to perceive a 3D environment.

Guide to Special Effects in Movies

Imagination is the limit when it comes to the special effects any person can use in a movie production. From photorealistic to fantastic effects, these visual elements require combining technical and creative skills in order to produce the desired look for the film’s visuals.

Guide to Film Animation

Animation is composed of a series of still images that sequentially progress to create the illusion of movement. It involves the creation of many challenging art requirements. Learn everything from the basics to 3D animation in this comprehensive guide.

Back to the Basics: Top 10 Common Video Mistakes

Shooting a movie requires both technical and creative skills to tell a good story. During the shoot, any or both of these may be overlooked because of varying reasons. Common mistakes the production encounters when filming are often due to stress or compromises caused by limited time or resources.