Don’t Trash Your Old Computer Monitor, Recycle It

If you have bought a new computer and aren’t sure what to do with your old monitor, consider recycling. Computer monitors, like batteries, are considered hazardous materials and can’t be disposed of in traditional ways. Find out how to safely dispose of monitors while being nice to the environment

Are You or A Loved One Addicted to the Internet?

Since the discovery of the “Information Super-Highway” more people have starting using the Internet. There are times when normal use of the Internet can turn into an addiction. Find out the statistics of Internet addiction and what kind of help is available for you or a loved one.

Is An Internet Addiction Affecting Your Social Life?

Internet addictions are on the rise, bringing with them the effects on the social interactions of the addicted parties. Learn some startling statistics, what the effects are and how to reestablish a connection with the world around you or how to help a loved one affected by the addiction.

What’s New with Microsoft Midori

The whispers of the new Microsoft Operating System Platform, Microsoft Midori, are becoming actual statements from some Microsoft employees. Learn what they are saying and what we might expect should Midori ever be released.

Creating a Movie in Picasa 3

Creating a movie with the Picasa 3 Movie Maker is simple, quick and fun. Once your movie is created, you can share it with your friends and family by posting it to YouTube with one click of a button!

Learn How to Edit Photos in Picasa 3 (Archived)

Editing your photos just became easier with Google’s upgraded Picasa 3 Photo Management software. Fix blemishes and red eye problems, and straighten or crop your photos! Plus, you can do much, much more. Learn about it here!

The New Picasa 3

With the new face of Picasa, Picasa 3 has new tools as well as improved tools that allows you more control over your photos. Online photo storage has never been this easy.

Gmail Web Clips – How to use them

Gmail Web Clips are news and entertainment feeds that run across the top of your inbox when enabled. Gmail automatically sends Web Clips but you can change them to include information which interests you. You can also disable Web Clips if you prefer not to use them. Read more about working with Gm