RC Davison

The Closest Stars to the Earth – The Top 11

Have you ever wondered while looking into the night sky just how far away the stars are? Or which are the closest stars to the Earth? Come with me for a journey to the 11 nearest stars to our home planet.

The Nature of Gravity and Space

What do we know about gravity? We know that it keeps us firmly rooted to the surface of the Earth, and it keeps the Earth in orbit about the Sun. We know that it is the reason galactic clusters form and black holes form, but what is gravity and how does it affect space?

What is the Surface Gravity of Planets in the Solar System?

If you were able to travel to the planets of our Solar System you would find that each one has a unique surface gravity. From Mercury all the way out to Neptune, Pluto and beyond, the gravity of the Sun will continue to tug on you, but not as strongly as the planet you orbit and land on.

A General Discussion of Space Station Design

Long the mainstay of Sci-Fi films set in space, the space station is an essential element in colonizing the “final frontier”. But, what is a space station, and what are the elements needed to design one?

Size of the Solar System Compared to Our Galaxy, the Milky Way

Size is relative. How big is big? Well, if you have to travel from New York to Hong Kong that’s a pretty long trip, but it pales in comparison if you had to travel across the Solar System. The Solar System is big, but compared to size of the Milky Way—it’s not even a drop in the bucket!

Project Pan-STARRS and the Outer Solar System

“Watch the skies, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!” If you’re an old Sci-Fi movie buff you might remember this closing line from the 1951 movie, “The Thing From Another World”. But this could be the motto of the Pan-STARRs project as it searches for NEOs – Near Earth Objects.

Do Moons of Other Planets Have Phases Like the Earth’s Moon? Yes!

If you watch our moon over the course of a month you will see it grow from a sliver of a crescent to a blazing spotlight in the night—the full moon. But is this elegant property of phases exclusive to our moon, or do other moons in the solar system have phases? Well, it depends on where you are.

Information About the Whirlpool Galaxy, M51, NGC 5194

There are probably no more esthetically pleasing structures in nature than a spiral, and this is especially true when one looks at the many different types of galaxies. The Whirlpool galaxy, M51, is an excellent example of a spiral galaxy. Read on to learn more about this island universe.