Guide To The Best and Worst U.S. Banks

As The Economist said, “Trying to work out which banks are the world’s best is a bit like awarding the prize for prettiest war-torn village.” This article will discuss the banks that are doing the best right now and deserve your business, no matter what your needs.

Buying a Laptop Online – Tips & Advice

There are a number of tips for buying a computer online that can help you out, no matter your budget. This article will help you discern what important features you need and what’s unnecessary for you. It’ll also give you a great idea about how to find the best computer deal online.

Details of the New Credit Card Bill of Rights

An overview and details of the new credit card bill of rights that will go into effect in 2010. The article includes an explanation of the changes to finance charges and interest rates, payments, over-the-limit fees, statements and the processing of payments.

8 Ways to Pay Off Debt

Large amounts of debt create a huge burden, leaving you stripped of money and looking for a way out. Learn the most efficient ways to pay off debt, including snowballing your debt and employing balance transfers on credit cards.

How to Write a Debt Dispute Letter

A debt dispute letter is required in many situations, particularly when you find incorrect information on your credit report. A formal, written dispute is the only way to resolve this matter. Find out how to properly write a debt dispute letter.

Tax Efficient Savings

There are a variety of tax efficient savings options available in America, such as the 401(k) for employees and the health savings account. Understanding the benefits of these plans and how to use them will save you thousands in taxes and help you invest more money in your future.

Tax Exempt Savings Plans

There are three types of tax exempt savings plans and all are designed to help you save money for the major expenses in life: college, retirement, and medical expenses. Learn what these savings plans are and how to take advantage of them.

What to Ask About a Mortgage

Knowing what to ask about a mortgage will speed up your application process and give you a much deeper understanding of the loan offers you receive. Asking questions about a mortgage can also potentially save you thousands of dollars, allowing you to accurately compare loan quotes.

Credit Card Responsibility

Using a credit card responsibly requires self-control, as well as knowing exactly what a credit card is and how its use affects one’s credit history, thus an entire financial life. Learn the proper way to use a credit card as well as the benefits to responsible credit use.

What Qualifies as Earned Income?

Do you know if your tips are considered earned income? What about dividends from investments? Read this article to find out what sort of funds are considered earned income and what qualifies for the earned income tax credit.