Kantha Wijeratne

Manage Money as a Teen: Managing Money Tips for Teenagers

Money tempts us to spend impulsively. Sometimes this can lead to debt problems. If you learn how to manage money as a teen, you will know how to live within your means. You will also be able to plan and save toward a bigger goal. This article lists some good money management skills for teens.

Quality Checks on Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are becoming popular with buyers due to their affordability, construction quality and variety in design. Whether you decide to buy a new or pre-owned house, make sure that it is free of defects. This article explains how to check the quality of a manufactured home.

How the National Flood Insurance Program works

Flood insurance provides coverage against any event that causes flooding of a property. While those living in flood prone areas are most at risk, others too can be affected due to unusual weather patterns. Learn more about flood protection provided by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Eco-Friendly Clothes Shopping: The Green Way to Buy Clothes

Many of us enjoy shopping for clothes. Quality, durability, color, style and price affect our buying decisions. As our concern for the environment grows, we also tend to check on the “green content” of the clothes we buy. We can help in this effort by adopting a green way to shop for clothes.

Used Coffee Grounds for a Better Garden

Used coffee grounds contain nutrients in the form of nitrogen and other minerals. They can be reused in various ways to help improve your garden. Learn more about this low-cost way to beautify your garden.

Reuse Water Bottles To Help The Environment and Save Money

The trendy colorful reusable water bottles available today point to their growing popularity among the masses. This demand obviously stems from a greater public awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bottles. This article discusses the benefits of using reusable water bottles.

Protect Your Ownership Rights With Title Insurance

Buying a home? The closing transaction is an important part in this process. This is when the ownership rights to the property transfers from the buyer to the seller. Title defects can affect such rights. Learn how a title insurance policy can save you from unexpected claims to your property.