Jobs in Genetics – Forensic Scientist

The job of a forensic scientist is one of those extreme jobs which demands the excellent investigative skills of Sherlock Holmes combined with the sharp mind of a scientist. Find out more about this fascinating job and its requirements.

How is Geothermal Energy Used?

The heat present within the surface of the earth is tremendous even though the Earth has been cooling slowly since its formation. How do we tap this huge resource of energy? How can we use it for power generation?

Where does Geothermal Energy Come From?

You must have heard a lot about solar energy, wind energy and even tidal energy. All these forms of energy utilize elements above the Earth. But there is another form of energy which is derived deep down within the Earth – Geothermal Energy.

Who Discovered the Endoplasmic Reticulum ?

Albert Claude was a renowned biologist who is famous for winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine, but very few people know about his interesting journey from being a high school dropout to becoming a leading researcher and discoverer of the endoplasmic reticulum.