New Lung Cancer Genes Discovered

As genetic research progresses new sets of genes, related to diseases and disorders are discovered. A recent discovery of genes that increase the risk of lung cancer may open up the door for new treatment and diagnostic options.

Hemophilia Treatment and Therapies

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that restricts the body’s ability to clot blood. In its most severe form even something as trivial as a minor injury can lead to death.

What is Sonochemistry? Applications of Sonochemistry

Do you know that sound can affect chemical reactions? You probably know ultrasound applications for imaging in healthcare but there are many industrial and laboratory applications of sound in many fields such as manufacturing, chemistry, and even food processing. Learn about Sonochemistry.

Is Cheating Genetic?

Does cheating have a genetic basis? Is it possible that if you have a specific variant of a gene (a monogamy gene) you may be more prone to cheating and be less faithful in your relationships? A new study has some startling answers.

Childhood Cancer Neuroblastoma Gene Discovered – The ALK Gene

For the first time ever, researchers have discovered the gene mutations that cause the childhood cancer neuroblastoma. The same mutations also play a role in non-inherited forms of the disease. The findings mean that early diagnosis will be possible and it paves the way for new treatments.