Human Genetics: What is Genetic Imprinting?

Genetic or genomic imprinting is an important process in the mechanism of gene expression. Here genes are expressed based on the parent-of-origin. The phenomena is important for development, but it can also cause serious genetic abnormalities.

What is the BioLiq Process?

BioLiq, a new process, that can produce liquid fuel at a cost of half euro is described here. BioLiq is produced from Biomass, so it is a sustainable form of fuel that does help the environment. Learn about it!

DNA Structure: The Importance of Hydrogen Bonds

The DNA molecule is the basis of life, as we know it. A number of factors contribute to its stability. Here, we look at how hydrogen bonds in DNA contribute to the overall stability of the DNA double helix structure.

What Is the Function of the Ribosomes?

The DNA molecule contains information about which protein should be made. Learn about the structure and function of a ribosome: the biological superstructures that translate genetic information into actual proteins.

The Genetics of Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are a manifestation of recessive genes. Take a peek at what’s behind blue eyes with this article, and find out how science is trying to explain the genetics of blue eyes.

Gene Therapy for Cancer

An effective gene therapy cure for cancer would be a major step forward in medical technology. The discovery of a gene called SARI is the cause of some optimism as it suppresses a key protein that is over expressed in most cancers.