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Apple’s Steve Jobs Quotes on Acid and Android

The mobile telephone and smartphone markets are brutally competitive. Nowhere is this ultra-competitive environment more on display than in the rants and insults germinating in the CEOs and VPs of the market leading companies, whether Apple, Microsoft, Nokia or Google, the hits just keep coming.

How to Troubleshoot Cydia Problems

Cydia is an alternative app store and repository for jailbroken devices. The name comes from the scientific name for the Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella), which signifies the worm in the Apple. Your iPhone freedom requires eternal vigilance, so be prepared to troubleshoot the most common Cydia issues.

Make the iPhone Switch from AT&T to Verizon

So you want to switch from AT&T to Verizon with your iPhone? This is a guide for iPhone users considering a change of carrier. Do you have an iPhone 4? If yes, pay an Early Termination Fee to AT&T. Even worse — the hardware doesn’t transfer! — so buy a new iPhone from Verizon. Read on …

How to Extend Your iPhone 4 Battery Life

There are situations when you wish to improve the life of your iPhone battery. You may be without a charger, or perhaps you’re expecting an important phone call and your battery is already near empty. Apply some of the following settings adjustments to save power.

How to Take an iPhone Screenshot

You may find yourself in a situation where you want to capture the screen on your iPhone. You may want to capture a high score, a text message, or an error. The iPhone operating system (iOS) has a built-in function that will allow you to capture screenshots using just the buttons on your device.

Creating and Playing Audiobooks on an iPhone

To copy an audiobook from a tape or CD to your iPhone, you will need to use a computer and iTunes. There are easier options to purchase audiobooks directly from the App Store or use the app from You could also purchase apps containing libraries of audiobooks. Set those options aside.

Unlock Your iPhone for Alternate Carriers

One of the most contentious issues surrounding the iPhone since its introduction has been the policy of locking iPhones to official carriers at often steep prices. When you unlock your iPhone, you free yourself of artificial restrictions that block access to alternative carriers and cheaper fees.

Best Family Tree App for iPhone using GEDCOM

Genealogy is a popular hobby the world over. Genealogical software has been available for desktop and laptop computers for years. The iPhone promises mobile genealogists access to their data from anywhere. If you perform mobile family tree research, access to your data on the go may be invaluable.

Nokia Struggles with Smartphone Strategy

Changes at the top of Nokia suggest turmoil within the company. Their smartphone strategy is clearly not working, and market share is eroding across all segments of their mobile telephone device markets. Symbian and MeeGo compete for developer attention, as Nokia repeatedly says no to Android.

File Sharing Apps for Android

File sharing apps can easily be found in the Android Market. The best file sharing app is subjective. It depends on the other operating systems you intend to access and the level of sophistication desired. Excellent free and low-cost Android apps are available to cater to every possible requirement.

Top iPhone Language Translation Apps

The language translation market within the iTunes Store offers plenty of choices. The best of these deliver on the promise of iOS, including everything from real-time speech translation to extensive and flexible dictionary and translation engines.

iPhone Insurance and Warranties

Purchasing an iPhone with a service contract from AT&T will distort the cost of replacement. If your iPhone is lost, stolen, or damaged, you may be looking at an expense over $500 to replace it. A number of warranty and insurance companies offer plans to subsidize a replacement.

Best Android Medical Software Round Up

Mobile applications that assist with the practice of medicine have been available for years on other platforms. Apps on the Android OS can help an ordinary person in a medical emergency, but most are designed for doctors and health care professionals to have fingertip access to reference materials.

Surfing with the Android Smartphone

Surfing apps are now available for the Android operating system that allow surfers globally to track and forecast weather, buoy data, swell direction and height, wind speed and direction, tides, water temperature, atmospheric conditions, and even the period between successive waves.