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Physical Security Concerns in Information Assurance

Information about your company could literally bankrupt you if your competitors had access to it. And if you deal in highly confidential information you risk legal complications and lawsuits by not securing such data thoroughly. Safeguard your company’s information with physical security measures.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It is also known as the Kennedy-Kassbaum Act as well, and compliance to it was expected by all organizations by April 14, 2003.

Phishing Protection: Don’t Become a Victim

Fishermen purposefully bait their fishing lines with tempting food to catch unsuspecting fish, but computer phishers aren’t legitimately trying to catch dinner when they set traps for computer users. Instead, computer phishers are trying to steal their next meal–at your expense.

About Blank Spyware: What is it?

It is one thing for a software program to force adware on consumers (pop ups, banners); it is another for them to control a consumer’s home page choice, making it almost impossible to correct. That is why About Blank spyware is so frustrating.

Is Weatherbug Spyware?

People who travel need up-to-date weather information at the drop of a hat (or through their iphone), so being able to access a weather program that is under contract to provide Homeland Security with the same data is smart business.

Is Limewire Spyware?

Downloading illegal music is common on the internet, but using a peer-to-peer program like Limewire to do it can have quick legal ramifications, since this program makes ISP tracing a snap.

Cyber Crimes Dirty Dozen Criminals

Making the ‘dirty dozen cyber crime’ list for their cyber crimes in years past (as well as garnering the attention of President Obama’s new cyber crime czar if they ever start up again), the people on this list represent predators like you may be facing in on-line chat rooms (and buying sites) now.