Jennifer Fidalgo

All About Eco-Friendly Swing Sets

Parents interested in buying their children eco-friendly swing sets can find sets that are made of natural cedar, pine, or Redwood. These sets are not only good for the environment, but their natural look fits in nicely in any backyard.

Guidelines for Making Paper Mache from Recycled Cement Bags

Making paper Mache from recycled cement bags requires gathering materials for your project and following a few easy steps. There are limitless designs that you can create, and these paper Mache crafts help reduce waste by recycling discarded items and transforming them into a beautiful design.

Repurpose a Baby Crib: Eco-friendly Ideas

Individuals who are interested in recycling can repurpose an old baby crib so that it can be reused. Cribs can be taken apart so that different parts of it are transformed into other items. Baby cribs can also be refinished to look new again.