William Busse

Strategies for Opening a New Business After Bankruptcy

A business or personal bankruptcy can present many unique challenges and impediments to opening a new business. However, by maintaining strict financial discipline and following a few proven strategies, the business owner can attain success and substantial financial reward.

Keys to Great Small Business Succession Planning

Small business succession planning ensures that a company will continue to operate after the retirement or unexpected death of the owner. With advanced planning, the transition can be seamless while providing continuity and security for the owner, employees and customers.

Top 10 List of Cold Calling Sales Techniques

Cold calling is a vital component of any comprehensive sales effort. With adequate preparation, cold calling sales techniques and anxiety can be minimized and eventually eliminated. The techniques presented here will help maximize the benefit of each call and help avoid numerous pitfalls.

What Does Bulk Encryption Mean?

Bulk encryption protocols provide safe and cost effective methods for protecting data transmissions from compromise and theft. This article explores the encryption process, the different available algorithms, and the bulk encryption process.

Entrepreneurs of the 19th Century

Entrepreneurs of every era share many common characteristics. The Industrial Revolution produced some of the most successful innovators in history. By studying 19th century entrepreneurs, modern business owners can gain insight into the process required to achieve their own goals and objectives.

How to Make a Wi-Fi Network Secure

The growth of wireless networks in the home and office has provided users with significant flexibility in accessing the Internet and file sharing. Unfortunately, an unsecured network can be easily exploited and result in identity theft, fraudulent purchases and extreme inconvenience.

Tips on How to Buy a Business in Bankruptcy

Purchasing the assets of a business in bankruptcy can offer considerable value at significant discounts. This article explores the different types of bankruptcy sales and how to profit from them while avoiding potential pitfalls.