10 Top Tips On How to Get a PhD

Think you’re not clever enough to get a PhD? Maybe you think you’re too clever to fail to get a PhD. Success is much about how you approach it as your innate academic ability and intelligence. Here are 10 top tips on how to get a PhD distilled from over 15 years of successful PhD supervision.

Knowledge Management History – What Evolved When

Knowledge management has evolved over the last fifty years and during that time it has come from attempts to build artificial intelligence to tools designed to support human decision making, to systems designed to manage and manipulate repositories of knowledge in support of business processes.

How to Save an HTML File With Links

The thing that got the World Wide Web started was linking hypertext with communication protocols. There are a number of ways to save an HTML file with links intact. This article will explain a few of them, and how Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Chrome differ.

Top 5 Best Google Chrome Plugins

Version 4 of the Chrome browser provides new facilities for plugins, and in doing so addresses some of the limitations of previous versions. Here is my personal choice of the best Google Chrome Plugins, and some of my hopes for future developments.