Is WiMAX Technology Secure?

WiMAX is a wireless communications technology, which is gaining popularity in many regions. Unfortunately, WiMAX is considered to have many security flaws that make it vulnerable to attacks. Find more about WiMAX security issues & why has it not been able to live up to the expectations…

Secure CD/DVD Data – Copytrax Compact Disc system

Now, you can encrypt any CD/DVD using AES 256 bit encryption technology & protect your secure data. The innovative security device in Compact Disc format using powerful technology of encryption launched by Copytrax is expected to meet the security concerns of all sensitive data. Read more…

Small Business Yahoo Security Key and E-commerce

Yahoo Security key is an essential SSL encrypted tool which has especially been designed for Small Business Owners. To safeguard private and highly sensitive information, Yahoo has come up with a highly productive feature known as Yahoo Security Key. Read more…

Advanced New Features in Windows Server 2008

Microsoft says that Windows Server 2008 is the most advanced and secure server OS with features like Server 2008 Advanced Firewall, IIS (Internet Information Service) 7, Windows Power Shell, Network Access Protection, Enhanced Terminal Services, Automatic Configuration, etc. Read more about it here.

5 More Applications Worth Jailbreaking For

With the open source community that surrounds Cydia, the jailbroken package manager, new apps and updates flood in every day. Here are 5 more jailbroken apps that add to the iPhone’s productivity, usability, and efficiency. Read more about the five apps worth jailbreaking for…

Upgrading from Vista Basic – Vista Upgrade Advisor

Upgrading from Vista Basic to a more powerful version of Vista involves moving to Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate, as these are the only other consumer versions of Vista available. This is a simple procedure, and here we’ll show you the steps to complete the upgrade.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

If you have decided that you must install Windows 7 on an existing system, rather than buying a new version of Windows 7, you need to make sure that your computer does support the Windows 7 upgrade.

Record Videos on iPhone with Cycorder App

The camera on the iPhone isn’t great and is only capable of taking still photos. Fortunately, Cycorder is a native application available in Cydia that brings on-the-fly video recording to our beloved iPhone. It’s capable of recording up to 15 frames per second and includes many features.