Pranav Thadeshwar

The Version Command in Linux Explored

Confused about version numbers in Linux? Want to find out how you can check the version numbers of all the installed applications? Then this guide is just for you! We take a look at how you can find out the version info for everything installed on your Linux computer.

Free Data Backup Software in Linux – A Comparison

Scared of losing your work while using Linux? Let us help you out. We take a look at five backup software solutions for Linux that will allow you to keep your work safe whether you are a one-man-company or a large enterprise running multiple servers and employing hundreds of people.

Careers as a Linux Professional – Careers Linux Guidance

Want to use your Linux knowledge to make money? From what I’ve seen, most of the people in the Linux scene have started as hobbyists and enthusiastic newbies, only to progress and gain a large amount of knowledge in Linux. The good news is that the world is looking for people like you!

Setting Up Your PS3 For Ubuntu Linux

Want to turn your PS3 into a media center? How about a computer for word-processing? Or running old-school emulators on it? With Linux on your PS3, it’s all possible and very easy! In this article, I’ll go over the instructions which will help you install Ubuntu Linux on your shiny PlayStation 3!

How to Use nLite – Page 1

Want to create Windows install CDs which can install Windows automatically? Want to create a custom Windows CD which installs only the components you select and keep the installation light? Check out this article and learn how you can use nLite to create a custom Windows CD which will do the above.

Boot Manager Support Windows 7 with EasyBCD

Want to dualboot Windows 7 or Vista with Linux? Installed Hackintosh and need to boot into it from the Windows bootloader? Want to backup your Windows bootloader before you edit or change settings? EasyBCD is a free application which will do all of the above. Let’s take a look at it.

How to Set Windows 7 Firewall Rules

In this article, we take a look at how to set Windows 7 firewall rules and create your own rules for greater security. Learn how you can apply rules for inbound and outbound traffic, and see how you can control the various ways in which those rules can be applied.