Prerna Malik

Make Naptimes Safe with a Non-Toxic Daycare Nap Mat

Naptimes at your child’s daycare can be made sweeter and safer by choosing non-toxic, organic nap mats. The nap mats are made of PVC-free materials that are organic or natural and safe for toddlers. Here is more on why natural day care nap mats are better, how are they made and where to find them.

Recycled Yoga Mats: Materials, Cost and Where to Find Them

Yoga mats are a must-have for every yoga lover. However, if you’re a green and environment-friendly yoga enthusiast, you’d want to stay away from the toxic PVC mats and instead choose eco-friendly options, such as, recycled yoga mats. Find out more about recycled mats and where can you find them.

What is the Purpose of Going Green?

Learn why the green movement is spreading the way it is. Understand the reasons behind going green. A healthier lifestyle, conscious choices and a desire to create a positive impact are some of the reasons more people are leading a green life.