Chad Anderson

Make a Linux Boot Disk for Windows Registry Repair

Linux boot disks are most often used to “preview” or “test drive” a distribution before installing Linux as a primary operating system. However, a Linux boot disk can also be used to repair corruption to registry entries caused by viruses and malware.

BackTrack Linux Review

This penetration testing distribution is meant for anyone in the information security field. It comes with a mass of tools that can be used for data gathering, forensics, penetration testing, and remote exploitation.

Recovering Excel Files in Linux

Losing important documents – especially spreadsheets – can be a big hassle and really interrupt work flow. Using PhotoRec – an open source tool for Linux – you can quickly recover lost documents.

Distraction Free Writing in Linux – Vim and AbiWord

Between the social media updates and the constant distraction of the Internet’s boundless content, it’s hard to concentrate in a modern computing environment. For Linux users, a number of applications exist that can reduce distraction and let you concentrate on the task at hand.