Paul Arnold

Ralph: The World’s First Cloned Rat

To many they’re vermin, and less salubrious neighbourhoods can be overcome by them. So it might seem strange that scientists would want to clone a rat. But Ralph’s creation was a significant achievement.

Genetics of the Common Cold: Human Rhinovirus (HRV)

It’s one of life’s most irritating problems – the common cold. No matter what drugs we throw it at, it just doesn’t seem to go away. Well its days may be numbered with the new understanding of the genetics of human rhinovirus (HRV).

Genes that Help Cells Survive Low-Levels of Oxygen or Hypoxia

Scientists have uncovered a critical genetic switch that helps cells to survive when they are deprived of oxygen. Although the work was carried out in fruit flies there could be an immediate application in humans where cells and tissues have been deprived of oxygen because of disease.

Metagenomics: Getting Closer to Microbes

Planet Earth is home to billions upon billions of microbes. Most of them are invisible to the naked eye, but now it’s time to get a little more familiar with our tiny neighbours. And that’s where metagenomics comes in; a relatively new way of characterising them.

Stephen Hawking in Space: Some Stephen Hawking News

Stephen Hawking is blasting off into outer space. Well, actually his digitized DNA will be sent into space to promote the Archon X Prize for genomics, a $10 million prize to the first person or team who can sequence 100 genes within 10 days or less.