Promoting Community Supported Agriculture Programs

Increasing numbers of people are joining the locally grown food movement, purchasing fresh, organic produce from local farmer’s markets and community supported agriculture programs. Find out why it’s important to buy locally grown food and where to find resources in your area.

Going Green Tax Incentives, Energy Rebates, and Loans

Federal energy tax credits, energy rebates, and low cost loans for home renewable energy systems make now the best time to invest in cost-saving improvements. Going green tax incentives, offered through 2016, will pay for 30% of the cost for qualifying systems.

Antibiotics in Animals and Legislation

The non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in farm animals has been an almost universal practice in industry farms since the 1940s to promote growth and feed efficiency. Controversial legislation has been proposed to ban antibiotic use in healthy animals. This article offers both sides of the arguments.

What is Sustainable Lifestyles Living?

With increasing concerns about the quality of our environment and global climate change, many are seeking a more sustainable lifestyle. Find out what sustainable living really means and how you can make a difference by reducing energy use, choosing sustainable foods and fibers, and more.

All About Recycled Rubber Pavers From Auto Tires

Twenty years ago acres of discarded tires dotted the landscape creating much more than an eyesore. Tire fires burned out of control for months belching out thick, black clouds of dangerous toxins, contaminating the ecosystem. Today many of these auto tires are usefully recycled into rubber pavers.

Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags: Why and How to Choose

Plastic shopping bags have become an environmental blight, with a million bags a minute entering the landfills, and millions more ending up as litter. Worldwide, countries and municipalities are banning or taxing the use of plastic bags, making reusable shopping bags more that just a good idea.